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The People

Jesus Christ

Jesus said “I will build my church.”  The most important member of this church is the Founder, Jesus Christ.  He is the King of kings, Lord of lords, He is the Prophet, He is the Chief Corner Stone, the Chief Priest, and the Chief Shepherd, and in Him Dwells the fulness of God in the body.

The Church

The church is the people.  Different backgrounds, appearances, ages, and opinions, etc: we are one in Christ.  Together we work, together we worship.  We also like to get together and bbq… this is a spiritual family.  We may not agree on every little thing, but we do agree in the Gospel of Christ.

Dave Matlock

If he’s not preaching, studying, or teaching the good word, he’s with his family or hiking.  Dave is our minister; he is a student of the Bible and a disciple of Christ.  He studied ministry informally with Olen Holderby.